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Delhi Overview / About Delhi

A city of great character, of contrasts and convolutions - this is Delhi, the capital city of India. A city with antiquity dating back over 2,000 years, it is also a modern metropolis with fast cars and neon lit shopping malls. So varied are the shades of Delhi's different faces, it is difficult to grasp it in a short span of time.

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Home to over 16 million people, the sights of Destination Delhi range from the ruins of the seven historical cities built over time, monuments that testify to its position as a central hub of commerce and government, to symbols of an ever-growing prosperity in the southern parts that has engulfed a multitude of old villages. Even a cursory glance at a Delhi destination guide will reveal that here is a city that is simply packed with important sights that include the historical, cultural and the religious. This is the home of the Qutub Minar and India Gate, Chandni Chowk and the Red Fort, the Lotus Temple and Jama Masjid. Delhi is the city of the mythological Pandavs and the mythical Indraprastha, of the medieval Sultanate and of the great Mughal, Shah Jahan.

The large number of important sightseeing venues and the expanse of the city together make Delhi actually quite a difficult city to "do" in a short span of time. North Delhi, which is Old Delhi..........

History of Delhi

Delhi is a city of contrast One of the oldest cities in the world and now one of the most progressive, she combines a unique between the ancient and the modern side by side.
History of Delhi
Delhi is India's show window. A truly cosmopolitan city it has brought within its fold people of all ethnic groups and their traditions and culture, reflected in a variety of arts, crafts, cuisines, festivals and lifestyles. Delhi is pulsating with music concerts, dance festivals, theatre performances and art exhibitions.

Modern India's history is synonymous with Delhi. It was from the ramparts of its Red Fort that India's first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru unfurled the National flag on August 15,1947, signifying the end of the three hundred years long British rule..........

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Delhi Tourist Attractions / Sightseeing in Delhi

Don't let your first impressions of Delhi stick like a sacred cow in a traffic jam: get behind the madcap façade and discover the inner peace of a city rich with culture, architecture and human diversity, deep with history and totally addictive to epicureans. Sightseeing / Tourist Attractions in Delhi

Both Old and New Delhi exert a beguiling charm on visitors. Lose yourself unwinding the secrets of the city's Mughal past in the labyrinthine streets of Old Delhi before emerging into the wide open spaces of imperial New Delhi, with its ordered governmental vistas and generous leafy avenues........

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Weather and Climate of Delhi

Delhi Weather and ClimateThe Indian capital city of New Delhi remains hot and humid during the summer months and is cold during the winters. The average temperature of New Delhi ranges from 25°C to 46°C during summer and 2°C to 5°C during winter. The cold wave from the Himalayan region makes the winters in New Delhi very chilly. In summers, the heat wave in New Delhi is immense and adequate precaution has to be taken before going out in the afternoons.

The best time to visit Delhi is in October-November and in February-March, when the nights are cool and the days filled with mellow sushine. December and January can be a little gloomy in Delhi while mid-summer...........

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